How to make a vinyl record bowl

How to Make Vinyl Record Bowl

If you have a collection of the records in your basement which is resting under the layers of dust then its time to bring them out, dust them off and reuse them for some unique craft projects.

TOP 14 Most Creative Uses for Old Vinyl Records

Make this simple vinyl clock using just an old record and clock mechanism. Tutorial via Blah Blah Magazine.

Keep your magazines nice and tidy by making this simple DIY magazine rack. A great piece to add to your decor, or use to store your jewelry, keys, and other small items.

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Tutorial via The Surznick Common Room. This book would make a beautiful guest book or birthday gift for a music lover. Tutorial via Homemade Ginger.

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Put this onto a baking sheet. Wait until the record starts to warp a bit and then take it out of the oven. All the tutorials I found showed you how to bake them slowly in the oven until they melt enough to be formed into a bowl shape. Starting a Handmade Business. I'm about to start this project having just bought 50 records for R50 about 5 dollars.

Different sized records stacked together make a great dessert stand. Much like scrambling eggs, everyone has their own way of doing it which they think works best.

How To: Decorative Bowl from a Vinyl Record

Perfect for storing keys, fruit, chunks of Blu-Tack and any other odds and ends you have lying about the house, they're a fun and quirky addition to the breakfast table. Just don't put them too close to the radiator. I'm no music snob, but certain records make better bowls than others.

Here’s how to make a vinyl record bowl:

Go for the older, thicker records from the 60s and 70s over the cheaper, thinner vinyl of today from my experience Des O'Connor makes a better bowl than Dannii Minogue. Make that of it what you will. And finally, the domestic oven method obviously involves a bit of heat - so be careful with your fingers.

Vinyl can be a bit floppy and hot-and-bothered when you take it out the oven, but I've never burned myself and the outcome is well worth the small risk. Find a record one you don't mind not listening to again - trust me, it just doesn't work. Place the mug, upside-down, in the centre of the oven, making sure it is stable.

Step 2: Step 2: Find a Bowl to Use

How to Make Vinyl Record Bowl: This instructable is about how to make a bowl out of a record. This instructable calls for: 1. An LP Vinyl Record (or another size. How to Make Bowls out of Vinyl Records. You can easily turn any old, unwanted vinyl records into unique bowls! These crafty creations can be used for any.

Place the record on the mug, so the label is the only part touching the base of the mug. Remember that the side you have facing downwards touching the mug is the side you want shown on the inside of your bowl.

DIY vinyl record bowl by Craft Corners

Watch very closely, and after a few minutes you'll see the record start to warp and then collapse. At this point you can take it out - but be careful not to burn yourself as they can be quite hot! For the next 10 seconds or so before it starts to harden, the record is malleable and you can quickly sculpt it into whatever shape you want.

Try hand-moulding it or tightly packing it into another bowl or interestingly shaped container.

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Once you find a mould you are happy with you can even use that one to make future record bowls, and the process becomes even quicker. NB: If you're not happy with your shape once the record has hardened, you can always pop it back in the oven and start again. If the upcycling bug has caught you, don't just stop there.