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First printings associated with famous performers are particularly prized. Skip to main content. Shop by Format. See All - filter options. Shop by Genre.

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Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Sponsored Listings. Hot This Week. Make an Offer. Robin MacLachlan How many different categories of sheet music are there? Criteria that hobbyists use to organize their antique vintage sheet music collections include: Performers: Collectors may focus on collecting all the songs performed by a particular artist.

Vintage sheet music will be even more highly prized if the original artist autographed the musical composition. Composers: Alternatively, collectors may decide to orient their vintage sheet music archives around popular music composers. Illustrations: Sheet music antiques are often beautifully illustrated. Through the s, most of these illustrations were lithographs, but after the s, published music compositions were most often decorated with original photographs.

How can someone get started collecting sheet music? Santa Claus Sheet Music. Ave Maria Sheet Music.

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Hand Written Music. For instance, pieces with a military theme often interest collectors of militaria, also known as military collectibles. Broadway musical enthusiasts will seek out numerous titles from Rodgers and Hammerstein or Irving Berlin as well.

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At some point the music was edited by scraping notes off of the vellum but their ghostly images are still visible. We Recommend. Price Gougers: This ties in somewhat to the above issue. The mother of a grown son, Marrone has collected music for songs by crooners, cowboys, and blues belters, for soul shouters, folkies, and even for a song promoting the 50th anniversary of a certain Cumberland County city "Come Back, Ye Sons of Vineland". Below are the first four.

Collectors of sports memorabilia look for music with illustrations featuring baseball heroes of yesteryear. As an example, "The Climber's Rag" featuring cameo illustrations of the St. Other shoppers are attracted to the numerous covers featuring colorful drawings of beautiful women. Framed and hung on a wall, these can make a lovely accent in the home or office most anyone can appreciate.

Most common pieces have to be in excellent condition to bring even that much. Pieces of music falling into the Black Americana category are also very highly valued when in very good to excellent condition. When autographed by notable celebrities, common pieces of sheet music can also jump exponentially in value since autograph collectors are in the running for those as well. And while they aren't found often, sheet music examples dating to the early s can also be valuable.

These are usually simple sheets of handwritten music recorded on paper before the advent of mass printing. They are void of illustration and very plain looking, but again, it's wise to research what you have before disposing of one of these rare items.