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Our Milwaukee Family Law Attorneys are among the elite. This score is the highest ranking possible and is assigned based on quality indicators like awards, experience, and professional conduct. This award, offered by the National Trial Lawyers, is an invite-only group of the top forty lawyers under the age of forty.

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These memberships are only offered to a select few after careful research. This organization accepts attorneys by invitation only and recognizes only the top lawyers in the country. Receiving this invitation requires skill, experience, and unmatched professional conduct.

Only a small number of premier firms join us in this group. Being a member of this elite group means that our attorneys have demonstrated experience, involvement with their practice, and a strong knowledge of their field. Participation in the Inns of Court provides our attorneys opportunities for further experience, mentoring, and growth through our connection with other family lawyers.

This helps us gain the knowledge we need to help our clients. As members of the Wisconsin State Bar, we dedicate time and energy to focus on how we can better serve the residents of our state. The Wisconsin Association for Justice focuses on providing resources to better our firm and help our clients succeed. This distinguishes us from other law firms because of our dedication to clarity for our clients.

Our experienced family law attorneys in Milwaukee can help you make the right choice for your family. Whether you are currently fighting for a fair divorce agreement or planning to get a divorce, a divorce lawyer from our Milwaukee family law and divorce firm can help you. Your children deserve a safe, happy home. We can help you fight for a fair support arrangement or enforce an existing child support agreement. A divorce can leave you without sufficient income and unable to maintain your previous standard of living.

Your family may not want to fight in court. You can avoid a costly, lengthy legal battle by working with a family mediator in Milwaukee.

Property and asset division in a divorce should be fair, but your ex may not agree. If there is any doubt about who is the father of your children, a qualified family lawyer can help you uncover the truth and prove your side of the story. The information you may find online uation, for example.

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That makes it tough to fight for yourself. We understand how overwhelmed you feel.

Online Wisconsin Divorce Service:

Fortunately, our lawyers have gained the knowledge you need from years of studying and practicing law. Fortunately, your lawyer can help you to the finish line. Standing up to your ex-spouse may not be easy, but we can help you build a successful case.

Groups in Appleton, Wisconsin

We understand that you and your family are going through a difficult time. In fact, you probably just want your dispute or issue settled as quickly and amicably as possible. You want to settle fairly and move on from this experience. Unfortunately, a divorce can be exhausting, and you may find yourself dealing with litigation. When appropriate, our firm will take a compassionate approach to your case.

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Find Divorce Support Groups in Wisconsin, get help from a Wisconsin Divorce Group, or Divorce Counseling Groups. Find Divorce Support Groups in Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin, get help from a Madison Divorce Group, or Divorce Counseling Groups.

That way, you can rest easier and focus your attention on building your new life. Very professional, David Karp and his staff were always concerned for my case. Fast responses! My case was small but they treated me as if it was a big case. They got my medical bills paid up. I would use them again if something comes up in the future…. We hired David to work on a case that was filed in Wisconsin and we now live in Texas.

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We have been able to do everything via email and telephone to get this case resolved. David has been nothing short of excellent! He is a great listener and very sharp…. Just hire him if your getting divorced.

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He knows every divorce attorney within a mile radius and the professional relationships he has with them will…. Attorney Iancu has been the most reassuring and supportive all along. Very professional, responsive, knowledgeable and human. In such difficult moments….

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We live in an age in which you can find a satisfactory answer to nearly any question with a simple Google search. But information found online may not help you much in the courtroom. No amount of reading will give you the legal experience necessary to fight for your best interests or those of your children. Rather than accepting your fate, you can seek the help of an experienced lawyer.

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We have the experience you need to come to a fair agreement or arrangement. Dealing with a family law dispute is a uniquely difficult situation.

Collaborative Divorce - Milwaukee, WI - Horizons Law Group

Other legal matters may affect you, but a case involving your family could affect your relationships at their very core. We want you and your family to get the attention and support you need during this time. When your family is on the line, you want a lawyer who pays attention to the finer details of your case. While you might have read up a little about divorce and family law, you may still be struggling to deal with your case. The Wisconsin laws that govern your divorce or family law case can be complex and confusing , leaving you struggling to keep up.

Our qualified family and divorce lawyers will guide you through every step of your legal matter and fight for you at every turn. Unfortunately, it can be tough to find a firm that understands your needs. From determining child visitation arrangements to dividing a business with your former spouse, we can minimize the stress you feel and quickly get you the results you need.

Our top-rated attorneys work tirelessly to help our clients successfully resolve their family law and divorce cases. Family law is a broad area of the law that can involve many kinds of disputes and problems. For example, you might have come into your marriage with no debt and an inheritance, while your ex had credit card debt and no savings.

You may be unable to work on your own, for example, or you may have too little work experience to land a good job.

Fortunately, with a family law attorney, you can rest easy. Your lawyer can help you with the following steps and more:. Your family law attorney in Milwaukee can help you prepare for all these steps and more, ensuring that your family dispute or divorce is handled fairly and smoothly. Make sure you understand the difference between mediation and litigation for your Milwaukee divorce case. If you and your spouse are seeking a divorce, you probably have made some decisions already.

You may want to part amicably, without a long court case. Some lawyers push to fight it out in court instead of opting for mediation. We can help you make compromises together so you can save time and avoid a painful experience.