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Here is how:. If asked, enter your passcode.

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Open your Home folder, then the Library folder, then Containers. However, Stock Up is just an aggregator. Here is how:. Open System Preferences. It pulls images from 27 different websites, all of which license images under Creative Commons Zero, and has over 13, images to choose from. To change yours, right-click the desktop; choose Personalize; and, at the bottom of the box, click Desktop Background. Desktop backgrounds have come a long way since Windows 3.

There you will see a lot of images. Find Catalina. Restart your Mac, and now you will see that your login wallpaper is changed.

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Restart your computer. Now System Integration Protection is enabled.

How to Change Windows 10 Start Screen Colors, Background, Wallpaper & Themes - Easy How To

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Right click on the image. Highlight and click on Set as Background. All wallpapers displayed on this site are copyrighted and are not to be modified in any way.

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In other words, if you want to see a sunset background at 4 p. For example, if the sunset background is alphanumerically the first one in the folder, you should enable the slideshow background at exactly 4 p.

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You can have Windows automatically change your desktop background on a schedule via the Task Scheduler , too. BgInfo is meant for writing system information text onto your desktop background , but it provides a reliable way to change your desktop background using commands. To get started, download BgInfo from Microsoft and extract its files into a folder.

After you fire up BGInfo, first select all the text in the main box and erase it. Type a single space character or multiple space characters here.

This will prevent BGInfo from inserting any text into your background and ensure it will only change the wallpaper. For example, we selected our day background image file while creating this profile, so we named it Day.

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Enter the time when you want the wallpaper to appear. For example, if sunset takes place around 9 p. Select whatever time you like.