Most fuel efficient cars in history

Most Fuel Efficient Cars For Sale In USA (i.e., Most Gas Efficient Cars)

It was also incredibly durable and the model got 43 mpg in the city.

Most Fuel Efficient Cars Top 15 2019 Ph

With a little aerodynamic and weight modification and using hypermiling techniques, a Geo Metro badged as a Pontiac Firefly clocked in Owners of stock models could expect 52 mpg on the highway. The earlier Sprint was also a rebadged as the SA It made mph in 15 seconds, weighed lbs, and was an absolute death trap in an accident because its lightness wasn't down to high-tech materials.

Around town it got 44 mpg but on the highway it got a more than respectable 53 miles to the gallon. The darling of the automotive green movement and owned mainly by the insufferable bores of the world, the third generation Prius managed to be practical while packing serious technology. It also pulled off a neat trick in having better city fuel economy in the city than on the highway with 51 mpg and 48 mpg respectively. Currently, the new Insight has excellent fuel economy according to the EPA, although real world experience has varied.

Nearly 20 years after it's first iteration, the Insight's city mpg is 55 and its highway reach is 49 mpg. What it can do though that its earlier incarnation couldn't is carry passengers in the rear while looking like a regular and handsome car. Not only did the Honda Insight beat the Toyota Prius to market as the first hybrid car available to the public in the US, but it also had better fuel economy than the Prius.

25 All-Time Best Gas Cars by MPG

However, what it didn't do is sell well. The first Insight was limited to two seats and the smooth rear wheel covers looked silly at the turn of the century. It showed the concept was good though, and while Honda didn't stay at the forefront of hybrid and electric drive technology, development continued unabated.

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Around town, the first generation got 49 to the gallon, but, like the later Prius, it also got better highway economy. With a gentle right foot, the Insight made a massive 61 miles per gallon.

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Toyota has refined the Prius to the point there's not much downside unless you dislike its looks. In the city, it gets a respectable 43 mpg but on the highway it evens out to 59 mpg. On top of that, the low operating costs make the Prius Three a sensible choice.

With the Ioniq Hybrid, Hyundai has given us a great alternative to driving a Prius. The Ioniq gets 57 mpg in the city and cracks 59 mpg on the highway while featuring a smooth six-speed dual-clutch transmission along with a solid standard feature set.

The best deals on Canada’s most fuel-efficient vehicles

Or, to put that another way, which cars that are currently available give you the most bang for the buck? Obviously, in hybrids, some battery charge is frequently used, but this is very limited and mostly serves in relation to regenerative braking, and it is a different matter than using large amounts of stored electricity. The Hyundai Ioniq Blue is effectively the most fuel efficient car available for purchase in the US as of right now.

This might owe to the use of a very different type of transmission. Overall, unless you need the luxury and connectivity features that accompany higher trims, it probably makes a good deal more sense to go with the Hyundai Ioniq Blue than with the other trims. In fourth place we have the Toyota Prius Prime. If we were to go further down the list, the names would diversify somewhat.

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Check out the 25 most fuel efficient cars according to EPA gas mileage ratings. Honda has a long history of mileage, check out Honda's High Mileage Club to. This also led to the greatest troll in automotive history as the CEO of However, despite Toyota leading the charge, the most fuel-efficient car.

The top 10 most fuel efficient cars are currently:. It weighs in at just kg and has 'scissor doors'.

2001 Toyota Prius: 41 MPG Combined

It measures almost four metres long, 1. It is powered by a compact cc two-cylinder diesel engine and together with the 20kW electric motor. In pure electric mode, the XL1 can travel up to 35km before the diesel engine cuts in. The car can go from mph in It is powered by a compact cc two-cylinder diesel engine and together with the 20kW electric motor, it car can travel over miles on a single tank of fuel.


The XL1 was designed from scratch and is lightweight as some steel components an exploded view is pictured , including the chassis, have been replaced by carbon fibre so that the car weighs in at just kg. The XL1's edgy design is intended to reduce drag and it features 'scissor doors' pictured famously featured in the DeLorean DMC, which was used in the Back to the Future films. To achieve the target fuel consumption figure the XL1 was aerodynamically optimised, adopting a classic 'tear drop' shape and using innovations such as removing traditional wing mirrors and replacing them with small cameras called e-Mirrors pictured , which transmit exterior images to interior displays.

Only of the XL1 cars been made, with a total of , available for sale, as 50 of the vehicles were pre-production models. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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9.) Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel

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