Decline of motorola pagers due to cell phones

What killed Motorola? Not Google! It was Moto's dire software

There is probably some truth in this. The Razr was an aberration — a wild success.


It is hard to have a fashion business inside an industrial firm. Today Nokia is moving into graphics-rich cell phone games while innovation from Motorol is giving you RAZR-lite retreads in puke colors. Apple understands design; Motorola doesn't. Motorola got out of the right business at the wrong time. Motorola at one time owned lots of spectrum, which it traded for equity in Nextel.

Moving Beyond Pagers into Secure Messaging

Motorola just ran out of time. That's what every losing coach in history says.

Doesn't fly. Maybe it had the wrong management but running out of time was not the problem.

How did it all go wrong?

However, with the market shock of mobile phones, pagers became to step . The falling down of lots of once well known Tech-giants is due to. last week, motorola, which had % of the pager market, decided to stop distributing its based on wireless telephone networks, thus pointing out the culprit behind the pager's demise: cellphones. what features will be on the cell phones next year? .. this is an excellent site thanks for the information!.

It did have a computer guy Zander who had to learn the industry, but that could have been bridged. After all, what did Steve Jobs know about phones? Motorola should have moved into content. This one might be true. Motorola led in set top boxes and IPTV. It made a great acquisition with Symbol —and it understood content, but didn't carry the day. Motorola stopped innovating.

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Should Motorola have been a platform company, like Google is moving to? The Razr was the precursor to both the iPhone and the BlackBerry. By being late, it surrendered the high ground. It should have jumped on Palm.

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Plus, no one on the Motorola's senior management team ever sold a product to a consumer. It really doesn't sell licenses; it sells phones to teenage girls on Facebook. Motorola didn't execute. Exactly so.

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Its customers — the wireless carriers — had a hate-hate relationship with Motorola, which did not deliver what it promised it would. Motorola never drank its own Kool-Aid; they never built the "seamless mobility" lifestyle among its various product groups. Can you see a way that consumers could have wanted to tie in their needs at home, at work, on their person and their auto? Sure you can. Pager users exceeded 10 million in However, from around that time, beeper services began to decline with the arrival of mobile phones. Subscribers decreased further as email, texting and taking and sending photos by phone became standard.

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