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The federal government does not distribute certificates, files, or indexes with identifying information for vital records. Applications for passports can be obtained through the U.

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State Department External. California Canal Zone Colorado Connecticut. Delaware District of Columbia. Florida Foreign or high-seas events. Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa. If you need a birth certificate or death certificate for a resident of Shelby County , there are two ways to obtain one:. You can request both long form and short form birth certificates by mail.

Print and fill out this form for a birth certificate and this form for a death certificate and mail it to:.

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Room Memphis, TN You can go to the health department to request a certificate in person. Only birth certificates from to the present may be obtained in person. Likewise, only death certificates from to the present may be obtained. I need asap and told info cant be given over the phone will have to wait up to 25 business days or longer reading this blog.

Hello JC and thank you for your question. Unfortunately not all birth certificates list the time of birth. It is at the discretion of the state or county vital records office to what is included on their records.

Agencies in the State of Tennessee (TN) who provide Birth Certificates

Usually the time of birth is not a field required for legal use however in your case it sound like it is. I can understand wanting ALL of your birth information to be included on you certificate. Did you order this through the VitalChek service or did you order directly through the state? If you ordered directly from the state please contact there office and let them know this information is required for what you are needing it for. If you ordered the VitalChek service please send us a direct email at Vitals.

Research vitalchek. Hello David and thank you for reaching out to us. Typically if an order is cancelled this means the total money was not charged to the card. If you can please contact our office directly at or email us directly at Vitals. We would like the opportunity to assist you further. What is the difference between the two? Hello Rachel and thank you for your question. Each state can call their certificates something a little different. Depending on the state that you are trying to get the certificate from the meaning could be different.

Can you give me the state of birth and I can look into the description for you or you can contact our office at and we can look it up then. Sincerely, Nichole H,.

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Hello, I am not an a Filipino citizen and managed to lose my Filipino birth certificate. What are my options in obtaining another birth certificate without having to go to the Philippines? The will be able to give you all of your options and the requirements. Hi Zach. Thank you for your question. Each state has different identity verification requirements.

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Please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you in determining what documentation is required for the state you were born in. I lost my wallet and have no ID at all. What are my options? Thanks James. Hi James. Sorry to hear about your lost wallet.

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As a journalist, I decided it was time to use my skills to investigate ways that my family and yours could thrive despite our less-than-ideal incomes However, it is also more expensive. Current and former members of county legislative bodies. Vital Records Certified copies of Birth and Death certificates are issued for birth certificates, persons must have been born in TN in or after I hate being broke - and I always have too much month at the end of my money. Parents can also add the father's name to a child's birth certificate with a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity VAoP.

The requirements for obtaining a new birth certificate can vary from county to county. Please email us your birth city and county at vitals. This is for my birth certificate and the social security card.

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Thank you for your questions regarding your social security card and birth certificate. We recommend you contact the Social Security Administration to find out what steps you need to take to get a replacement card. Depending on what state you live in currently, you may be able to order a replacement card online. Regarding your birth certificate, if you live in the area where you were born, you may be able to go to the Vital Records office there to get a replacement certificate. If you live elsewhere or just prefer to order it online, you may be able to order a new certificate online through VitalChek.

Since you mentioned traveling out of the country, be sure to specify travel as your reason for needing a certified copy of your birth certificate. How can we go about fixing this big problem? She is unable to get an ID because of this problem. Please help. Thank you for your question, Milagros.

The identity verification requirements vary from state to state so we recommend your daughter-in-law seek guidance from the Vital Records agency in the city where she was born. They should be able to tell her the steps she will need to take in order to amend her birth certificate to show her actual first name.

I am in need of a copy of my birth certificate. I have gone through the steps listed on both the health. I am an American citizen currently living in Brazil.

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Tennessee Vital Records 1st Floor, Andrew Johnson Tower James Robertson Parkway Nashville, TN Vital Records Entrance is on the. Rosa Parks. The Tennessee Office of Vital Records reviews, registers, amends, issues and maintains the original certificates of births, deaths, marriages and divorces that.

My fiancee and I are planning to marry soon and I need a copy of my birth certificate. I have no letters from US Government agencies with me here in Brazil. Would these documents be acceptable in order to obtain my birth certificate? It is OK if the document is shipped to the address in California. Hello Adam. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Please email this information to vitals. Hello I recently lost my wallet which had my social security and I. I currently only have my Applecare insurance number. Hello Stephan. We are sorry to hear about the loss of your wallet. If you have not done so already, we recommend you notify the Social Security Administration and the Department of Motor Vehicles immediately. If you need to order a certified copy of your birth certificate for identity verification purposes, you may be able to order it at vitalchek.

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Some states allow for electronic identity verification by having you answer a series of question to confirm your identity. For more information, you can email us at vitals. Which one do I select? What is the difference?

I want to make sure I order the right one. Please advise. Hello Nathan.