Identifier mapping has wrong number of columns

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Any hints? I have the same question 0.

org.hibernate.MappingException: property mapping has wrong number of columns

This content has been marked as final. Show 3 replies. Hi Stefano, sorry I didn't mean you have to patch 4. Go to original post. Retrieving data Correct Answers - 4 points.

Data Import error message reference

Refund Data upload files cannot be deleted. See Refund Data. The upload file contains a duplicate column header. Each dimension or metric name can only appear once per upload file. Reduce the amount of data you are uploading. The upload file contains a header that is not defined in the Data Set schema.

Each column in your upload file must have a header that matches one of the dimensions or metrics defined in the schema. Edit the file and add the missing header.

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Learn how to get the Data Set schema. You need edit permission at the property level to import data to Analytics. The upload file has formatting issues. Possible problems can include: missing commas extra commas improper use of quotes missing quotes. Edit the file and examine the indicated row for formatting errors. Note that the row indicated in the error message may not be the row containing the actual error, so you may find the problem in a preceding row.

The format of the account ID format is incorrect. Invalid cell data "X" at row Y column Z. The data at the specified location in the upload file contains an invalid date format. The data at the specified location in the upload file is of the wrong type. For example, the column may be expected to contain numeric data, but the file contains a string value there.

The data at the specified location in the upload file contains an invalid year. You cannot upload data for prior to X0Y77 Cannot issue set transaction isolation statement on a global transaction that is in progress because it would have implicitly committed the global transaction. X0Y78 Statement. X0Y79 Statement. This problem has automatically been corrected as part of the delete operation. The object already exists in the cache. See next exception for details.

XBCX2 Initializing cipher with a boot password that is too short. XBCX5 Cannot change boot password to null.

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XBCX6 Cannot change boot password to a non-string serializable type. XBCX7 Wrong format for changing boot password. XBCX8 Cannot change boot password for a non-encrypted database. XBCX9 Cannot change boot password for a read-only database. Please upgrade to JCE 1.

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Please ensure that you are using the correct encryption key and try again. This could have been caused by an error when accessing the appropriate file to do the verification process. Allowed characters for a hexadecimal number are , a-f and A-F. XBCXP Cannot re-encrypt the database with a new boot password or an external encryption key when there is a global transaction in the prepared state. XBCXT Cannot re-encrypt a database with a new boot password or an external encryption key, when database is in the log archive mode.

Please ensure your classpath includes the correct Derby software. XBM06 Startup failed. An encrypted database cannot be accessed without the correct boot password.

One Table Per Subclass example

Hibernate complains that it is not able to map because it is declared Object type. You can change it to String type which. MappingException: property mapping has wrong number of columns: setarepa.gaers type: setarepa.gaate.

XBM07 Startup failed. Boot password must be at least 8 bytes long. XBM0G Failed to start encryption engine. Please make sure you are running Java 2 and have downloaded an encryption provider such as jce and put it in your class path. DriverManager failed. XBM0P Service provider is read-only. Operation not permitted.

Please make sure that backup copy is the correct one and it is not corrupted. Please make sure that the specified backup path is right. Please make sure that there is enough space and permissions are correct. If you are using JDBC you must prepare the statement again. XCL16 ResultSet not open. XCL17 Statement not allowed in this database.

How do I bulk insert data into CockroachDB?

It can happen if you execute a Data Definition statement from within a static initializer of a Java class that is being used from within a SQL statement. XCL27 Return output parameters cannot be set. XCL31 Statement closed. The relationship forms a cycle of two or more tables that cause the table to be delete-connected to itself all other delete rules in the cycle would be CASCADE.

Data Import error message reference - Analytics Help

The relationship causes the table to be delete-connected to the indicated table through multiple relationships and the delete rule of the existing relationship is SET NULL. The relationship would form a cycle that would cause a table to be delete-connected to itself. The relationship would cause another table to be delete-connected to the same table through multiple paths with different delete rules or with delete rule equal to SET NULL. XCL50 Upgrading the database from a previous version is not supported.


ToString format. Custom value types. The name of a serializable. Specifically, the following kinds of errors should never cause a connection to be disconnected:. For example, to distinguish between NHibernateUtil.

XCL52 The statement has been cancelled or timed out. XCXC0 Invalid id list. XCXE0 You are trying to do an operation that uses the territory of the database, but the database does not have a territory. XCY04 Invalid syntax for optimizer overrides. Class XCZ: org.

Managing changing column names in Power Query #10: (M)agic (M)ondays

XD Unable to store dependencies. XIE06 Entity name was null. XIE07 Field and record separators cannot be substrings of each other.