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I left the academy for two years and wrote fiction full-time in the hopes that it would save my soul and my profession. It did, although it was only the beginning of a long, arduous path towards becoming the kind of writer that I envisioned myself to be. One aspiration I had was that writing fiction would make me a better scholar and critic.

By paying attention to things like rhythm, form, narrative, and character, perhaps I could revivify my dead academic prose.

Deacon Robert Eugene deLadurantaye

He was most insistent that all the Indian nations allied with the French be included. By the 11th century the seigneury of Brisay had been established on the left bank of the Vienne. A staunch Huguenot, he entered the army, served as a captain of cavalry, and died at the siege of Breda in Small Changes Garden City, N. When Fi He learned that Dongan planned to send another expedition to Michilimackinac the following year; the Ottawas were wavering in their loyalty, succumbing to English and Iroquois blandishments to forget their traditional enmity with the Five Nations and trade with Albany.

And it worked. As with fiction, form cannot be separated from content. My critical prose was transformed but my critical insights also achieved more force, carried along by the flow of prose and narrative. I wanted to convince the reader not only through what I had to say, but how I said it. I wanted the reader to be moved, and the only way to do that was to move myself, through the force of both ideas and language. The result is Nothing Ever Dies , a book that is informed by the lessons of fiction about the power of emotion, passion, and intuition.

With Nothing Ever Dies, Nguyen offers an ethics of memory and forgetting, demanding recognition of the full humanity of all touched by war. And in both books Nguyen deals with questions central to the identity of a nation: How do we remember the living and what they did during times of war? How do we remember the nation and the people for whom the dead supposedly died? And how do we remember war itself, both war in general and the particular war that has shaped us?

Reblog 0. The murder of Patrice Lumumba fifty-five years ago today has been called the most important and disturbing assassination of a democratically elected leader in modern times, and it remains a crime for which nobody was ever prosecuted. Who caused this traveling carnival of death? Complex considerations arise in defining responsibility. In King Baudouin mulled over clemency for the killer of Prince Rwagasore, recently elected prime minister of Burundi, a Belgian trusteeship soon to be independent.

He has been stabbed multiple times in his cabin on the train.

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Poirot has a dozen suspects, and discovers that all have participated. After drugging Ratchett, they have handed a dagger from one to another, even a little old lady who has barely broken his skin with a glancing and feeble blow. The accomplices themselves do not know which stroke was lethal. Each is implicated. Another aspect of joint accountability turns on the strength of the common aims, preplanning, and coordination.

Many who have examined the Lumumba case have perceived a conspiracy. Unambiguous orders were given at the top and efficiently carried out, and cooperation occurred internationally.

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We have found evidence for a conspiracy less compelling, and observe more contingency, confusion, duplication of labor, and bungling. Still, on the ground, Belgian and US security personnel traded information and cooperated. Lumumba drew together a number of committed opponents with more or less the same ideas, and that was enough. Nonetheless, the empirical details of this convoluted tale have a logic that escapes any fatalism.

Extreme anticommunists in Belgium prodded those in the United States and, even more fearful of Lumumba out of power, both Brussels and Washington launched wild designs to do him in. The Europeans and Americans goaded the Africans to imprison Lumumba and to secure a capital sentence.

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The politicians in Leopoldville proved willing to jail him, but were afraid either to bring him to trial or to put him to death. Those in Katanga were not afraid, and the Belgians and Americans and the Leopoldville group knew that. On January 6 th the actor and activist Emma Watson tweeted her desire to start a feminist book club.

As part of my work with UN Women, I have started reading as many books and essays about equality as I can get my hands on. There is so much amazing stuff out there! Funny, inspiring, sad, thought-provoking, empowering! Whenever possible I hope to have the author, or another prominent voice on the subject, join the conversation. The page for the group, which is already approaching , members, also hosts an active discussion board, where tens of thousands of people have suggested books to turn to next. Bohnet often introduces the notion of designing for gender equality by pointing to the simple but illustrative case of orchestras.

From the book:. As late as , only 5 percent of musicians performing in the top five orchestras in the United States were women. Today, women compose more than 35 percent of the most acclaimed orchestras, and they play great music. This did not happen by chance. Rather, it required the introduction of blind auditions.

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The Boston Symphony Orchestra was the first to ask musicians to audition behind a screen, and in the s and s most other major orchestras followed suit. When they did so, usually in preliminary rounds, it raised the likelihood that a female musician would advance by 50 percent and substantially increased the proportion of women hired. Or, more precisely, a design decision.

While the macro- and the micro-evidence hold the promise of a business case, gender equality is not a magic bullet automatically leading to economic progress. This is why, at the end of the day, the case of gender equality must rest on a moral argument. It just is the right thing to do. Full stop. We cannot afford to get it wrong. A fitting book for Our Shared Shelf.

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After Saudi Arabia executed the Shiite cleric and political dissident Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, Iranian protesters burned the Saudi Embassy in Tehran, and the diplomatic fallout between the two nations sent ripples across the region, the immediate and facile take attributed the events to sectarian enmity. Islam and its Wahhabi interpreters played a key role in sanctioning the legitimacy of the new regime and have done so ever since.

Now, with the depositions of the Arab Spring in recent memory, the Saudis have as much reason as ever to fear challenges to their rule. Why did Saudi Arabia want this now? In this context, a row with Iran is not a problem so much as an opportunity.

The Saudi authorities have good reason to be concerned about new calls for reform. Declining oil revenues may soon force the kingdom to slash spending on social welfare programs, subsidized water, gasoline and jobs — the very social contract that informally binds ruler and ruled in Saudi Arabia.

The killing of a prominent member of a loathed religious minority deflects attention from impending economic pressure. The Sunni Saudi Arabia versus Shiite Iran narrative, he says, is merely the way the Saudis and their allies in the Arab world have framed the conflict, choosing Shiites as a scapegoat in their efforts to address the threats they see from below and from across the region.

Saudi Arabian aggression is of course a particularly awkward challenge for the United States, which has always allowed oil to outweigh the anti-democratic actions of Saudi rulers. Prayers for your father. He was in the 5th Marine Division. Perhaps right now your father and mine are talking about their old Marine Corps days together. Our deepest sympathies to the family of Deacon deLadurantaye. May he rest in peace with God and may you, his family, find comfort in Jesus Christ and in each other. It's so difficult to lose a parent, you think you're prepared, but it's always heartbreaking.

Father Paul, my deepest sympathy to you and your family.

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Dear Pat,and Family,Lee and I are sorry on the passing of a wonderful man. Gene will surely be missed. Both of you were such a big part of our family,your faith and guidance you shared with our children is one of the greatest memories we have of Gene and you,especially when Kyle was young,Gene and Kyle had a special bond,that Kyle will treasure those memories. Our memories of Gene will always remain in our hearts. Our prayers our with you and your family. We love you. Love,Alyce and Lee. Obituaries Send Flowers.

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Murphy Funeral Homes Obituary. Read More. Guest Book. Not sure what to say? May God bless you and your May your hearts soon be filled May the love of friends and As the days and weeks pass, and