Where can i reverse lookup cellular phone numbers

Internet Tip # 6 - Cellular Phone Number Provider - find out if your friends # is free for you

None of the above sites can follow a number that has been ported to a new carrier. Yes, except for that Verizon one.

What is a Reverse Mobile Search?

Go to the next page to learn more. Just enter the phone number you are looking for, and you'll be presented with a brief overview of the number you searched for. AnyWho : People Finder AnyWho reverse phone lookup tool helps you find the identity of the person associated with a number by using yellow pages. Saves tons on sending email to friends' and clients' cellphones, instead of texting! From Addresses. After searching for the number, you'll receive a brief overview.

Here is a tool that helps you find the vendor by number, it also help you manage your contacts,and many other things, and sits on your desktop!!! Overall good post.

Cell phone reverse lookups usually take more time, there are also paid directories - some pros and cons are discussed in this post on reverse cell phone lookups. You can also do a reverse cell phone lookup at freecellsearch. Great entry on cell phone look up procedure.

I am wondering how good this info is. Most reverse cell phone look up sites basically provide no usefule info about the owner - either obsolete or no info wahtsoever. Another good site for searching mobile numbers is www. Data offers a paid service which looks-up the phone carriers, but it takes number portability into account.

If a phone is ported from one carrier to another, the results of this service will be updated almost immediately.

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The link is: www. I always try reverse cell phone lookup service and it never lets me down, great. See the website WhoCalls. Have you seen this one: UnknownCaller.

Top 5: Reverse Phone Number Lookup Services Review

Verizon's mobile-to-mobile lookup still works, but ATT moved theirs inside their Customer site so you have to have an account. Data offers a carrier lookup service which is "number-portability-aware". This means if somebody changes their phone carrier, the Data service will immediately know about it and return the correct carrier.

For USA numbers and some international , they will also return the email-to-sms and email-to-mms gateway addresses so that you can send messages to the phones via email. Well all the sites have been browsed but says number not found adn also some of the sites are asking for payments for the first time users or they can ask us to put our email id and then they can send the details on our email id instead of displaying as a whole. Looking for a reverse phone site?

Lookup here to identify any unknown landline or cell phone number: www. Good post.

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Is your love busy talking to someone all the time, reverse search to find out the owner of the phone number. Very interesting resource, I wonder where they get the datasets to determine the cellphone numbers.

12 Best Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup & Search Services in 12222

TIRS has great data. Also is there a way to tell if a number is a land line or cell phone? I want to know for 's of numbers a day, if i had a list ahead of time, that would be cool, i could build a program. If there was an api that could use your number checker Just a simple note of thanks and appreciation for your sharing.

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It's so easy to approach a murderous frenzy when trying to find even the most basic of things on the World Wide Mess. Some of the resources here are really good, a few of them no longer work or aren't so good any more. Another website I found that had some good information on finding cellular numbers was cellphonenumber. An unlisted number is excluded from public directories. An unpublished number is also excluded from directory assistance services, such as Landline telephone companies often charge a monthly fee for this service.

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As cellular phones become more popular, there have been plans to release cell phone numbers into public and reverse number directories via a separate Wireless telephone directory. However, these plans have come under opposition from internet based privacy advocate groups, and blogs, often citing privacy concerns.

Opposition to the wireless directory was led by consumer advocacy organization Consumers Union , through their www.

At the time of their campaign; they cited both privacy, and control of out of pocket costs, as reasons for their opposition. In their congressional testimony supporting the S. Right now, [ when? Wireless customers, who want their cellphone numbers listed with directory assistance, must call their cellular carrier to opt-in. Several information companies provide reverse cell phone lookups that are obtained from various resources, and are available online. Because there is no central database of cell phone numbers, reverse phone directories that claim to be free cannot return accurate information on those numbers.

In recent years [ when? Users of these services can perform a search of the telephone number which showed up on their caller ID and read through user comments to find the identity of the calling company or individual.

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