How do i find out someones date of birth

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To find an individual's birth date in church marriage, baptism, or christening records, you must at least know the individual's name, and either the name of the church where the ceremony was performed or the name of the clergyman that appears on the certificate. If you can find out the denomination of your ancestor's religion, you can try contacting all of the churches of that denomination in the area where you believe your ancestor lived.

Date Of Birth

If they have records from the corresponding time period, they should be able to tell you whether or not your ancestor was a church member. If their records do not go back far enough, they may be able to tell you if any other churches of that denomination existed in the area at the time and where their records may be. A birth announcement can give you an exact birth date when you only have an approximate date, and obituaries normally list an individual's birth date, or at least an approximate age.

The most interesting part about looking up obituaries and birth announcements is that you may also find a picture of the individual. The directories listed below will help you find the current owners of old newspapers from the time and place when the birth announcement or obituary was published. If the individual spoke a foreign language, check to see if there was a newspaper in that language, too. Once you have located the current owners, you can request to search the appropriate copies. The current owners should be able to direct you in your search. Newspaper Program National Union List.

You can access the OCLC at most university libraries and some community libraries. To find an individual's birth date in a birth announcement or an obituary, you must at least know the approximate date of birth or death, the individual's full name at the time of the event, and the state and city or town where the event took place or where the announcement or obituary was likely to have been published. Family Bibles often include family members' birth dates. Make sure that you have asked your family members whether or not they are aware of any old Bibles that are still in the family.

When you find information in actual Bibles, check the publication date of the Bible. If the Bible was printed in, for example, , but a birth is recorded for , you know that the date of that particular birth was not written down at the time of the birth, but was written down several years later.

Dates recorded after the fact are less likely to be accurate.

When you cannot find family Bibles among your own family members, check with genealogical societies in the area where the family lived. They may have or be aware of the location of local Bible records. When you are searching for Bible records, be sure to look under both the maiden name and married name.

To find an individual's birth date in Bible records that are no longer in the family's possession, you must at least know the individual's maiden name or full married name, as well as the state and county in which the individual lived. Veteran's Benefit Records may show an individual's birth date if either the individual or the individual's spouse served in the military.

To get the address where you must write to obtain a military record, go to the topic Researching through military records, and see the category "Veterans' Records. Ancestry also has millions of digitiized and scanned military records, documents and indexes. To find an individual's birth date in a military pension record, you must at least know the veteran's name, the branch of service, such as Army, Navy, or Marine Corps, the state from which the veteran entered the service, and the war in which the veteran served.

If the period of service was after , you must also know entry and release dates, military ID number, Social Security number, whether an officer or enlisted, and date of birth.


If you do not have the minimum information to find a military record, you can either:. If you aren't sure of the military branch or of the approximate time when the veteran served, look for military memorabilia an photos taken in uniform.

Find Date of Birth Records For Anyone Instantly!

However, in some cases you may need to order more than one before you find the right person. What if I don't know any of his mutual friends and nothing pops up when I google him? If unable to meet these requirements then a court order, ordering the correction will be required. Find the date of birth for a person identified from an exact place of residence. Learn about these records What can these records tell me?

These items can give you the information you need. If the individual was a veteran who served and was killed in the Korean or Vietnam War, you may be able to find a birth date through the death records in the Military Index on the FamilySearch computer at your local Family History Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Finding a birth date with church records

The Family History Library has all other wars indexed on microfiche. You only need to know the war and the veteran's name.

Local community and genealogy libraries may also have war indexes. Contact individual libraries for their holdings.

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How to Find Out Someone's Birthday. Whether you forgot someone's birthday or just want to surprise a new friend by wishing them well on their. Maybe you're the generous type and want to find out someone's birthday so you can throw a surprise party, or perhaps you want to sign them.

Beginning in , the census recorded the age of each individual in the family at their last birthday. To find out if your ancestor appears in an or later census, it's easiest to search databases online. Ancestry's census collections have both digitized and scanned copies of every US Census. Even if you don't find the exact name that you need in the index, it is worth it to start looking at all records for families with that surname in the state, as long as the surname isn't too common.

For example, if you are looking for Roberto Zubilaga, but only find John Zubilaga and Gianni Zubilaga in the index, look at those records. Using this method, you may come across the family that you are looking for. At many libraries you can find bound or digital indexes for pre censuses. Indexes are organized by state and list individuals in alphabetical order by surname, so you don't need to know the county. Different indexes contain different information that will help you find the census record.

Some just give you the county that the person lived in; others tell you more. Different locations have different indexes, so check more than one library if you don't find the index that you need. In addition, Soundex indexes are available, with some exceptions, for the years to For information about Soundex, see the topic Soundex: what it is and how to use it. Once you locate your ancestor's name in an index, you will want to look at microfilm copies of the original census records.

The original records will help you find the information you need and verify that you have found your ancestor, and not just someone with the same name. Pre census records are available at the National Archives and National Archives regional centers. Also check with your local public and genealogy libraries, because they may have census records or be part of an interlibrary loan system. In addition, your local Family History Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may either have census records or be able to get copies of them for you.

Access to post census records is restricted to immediate relatives and descendants. If the individual whose records you are searching for is still living, you must have their written permission to obtain a copy of the record.

How To Find Someone's Birthday (Without Asking Them Directly)

If the individual is deceased, you must have a certified death certificate. Write to: Bureau of the Census, P. Box , Jeffersonville, IN They will send you a form that you must fill out and return with a fee. You may also want to check the information contained in state and local censuses. Approach 3 : Efficient datetime approach The above approaches do not deal with a special case i. This case has to be raised as an exception because the calculation of birthdate may be inaccurate. This method includes try and catch for this exception. In this approach, we calculate the number of date from the birth date till current date.

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