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Navigating the end of a marriage or a relationship may be emotionally challenging and complicated. Serving people in Hollywood and surrounding cities, family lawyer Cindy D. Sackrin is board certified as a specialist in Marital and Family Law. She has acquired substantial trial experience as a former attorney for Legal Aid. Based in Hallandale Beach, our team of dedicated legal professionals represents South Florida residents seeking a divorce attorney or representation in a wide variety of complex matters. For example, we have handled issues related to child support and paternity involving professional athletes , as well as domestic violence disputes.

We are here to listen to the details of your situation, understand your personal goals, and develop a strategy designed to achieve them. According to Florida law, there are two grounds for dissolving a marriage.

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First, the couple or one spouse may claim that the marriage is irretrievably broken. The second basis is the mental incapacity of one of the spouses. In order to file for divorce in Florida, either spouse must have resided in Florida for at least six months before the time of filing. The proceeding must be initiated in the county where the spouse who is seeking the divorce resides.

Florida also requires at least 20 days of a waiting period before a final judgment dissolving the marriage will be issued, subject to some exceptions. There is a streamlined proceeding to obtain a divorce if the spouses meet certain criteria, but this is not available if any major issues are contested.

Florida law defines child support as the duty to provide financial support to a minor child. Support is intended solely for the support of the child and is not intended to support the other spouse. If there is an issue regarding the enforcement of a child support order, Hollywood family attorney Cindy D. Sackrin can help you go back to court to get this problem resolved.

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If the mother is not married at the time of the birth, however, a paternity proceeding may be initiated through either a court proceeding or a voluntary process. The latter method requires the mother and the father to sign a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity form and to wait 60 days for the form to become final.

If the parties do not have an agreement about paternity, either party, the Florida Department of Child Services, or the child through a guardian or another legal representative may initiate a court proceeding to have paternity established. Florida law defines domestic violence very broadly, including assault, battery, sexual assault, stalking, kidnapping, and the aggravated versions of each of these incidences. Domestic violence protections also apply to partners in a dating relationship, whether the relationship is ongoing or terminated.

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A dating relationship must have an intimate, romantic, or sexual nature. In any of these instances, the court may issue orders protecting a victim of domestic violence, and the state may prosecute persons who violate the terms of a domestic violence injunction. Florida describes its child custody laws as timesharing laws that involve a parenting plan. Even when the parents agree about custody of the child, the court will still require the parties to create a parenting plan.

If the parties are unable to agree on a parenting plan, the court will create a plan, but it may not be tailored to the preferences of the parties.

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There are specific items that the parenting plan must include, such as how the parties will oversee and share daily care for the child. There must be a timesharing schedule specifying the time that the child will spend with each parent, designations regarding responsibility for school-related matters and health care, and provisions for how each parent will communicate with the child, including specific technologies. In some cases, such as when one parent decides to relocate to a distant location, one parent or the other will need to pursue a modification of an existing order.

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Time-Sharing is the schedule for when each parent spends time with the child ren — during the week, weekends and holidays; and we also address issues like how childcare is handled, when can parents travel out of the state or out of the country with the child, etc. As part of child support, we also determine who provides health insurance, how non-covered expenses are handled, etc. Modifications are post-judgment actions to change one of the results in the original divorce, paternity or other family law case — for example to modify the timesharing schedule or modify child support.

A family law case, depending on the circumstances, can often in one case involve issues about the welfare of a child, as well as complex financial, tax and real estate issues. The depth of a Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney's knowledge is important in speaking to children's issues.

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On the business side, as part of my legal experience earlier in my career I acquired an LL. Master of Laws in Taxation , worked in a high-end "boutique" taxation and business law firm as well as the Real Estate department of a prominent national law firm, have advised and represented clients regarding the valuation and division of pensions, stock options, businesses, and other significant assets, and worked with forensic accountants in cases where a close analysis of financial records and reported income and assets was essential.

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This background is invaluable in analyzing business and other financial issues in a divorce. A lot of it comes down to an ability to focus on and analyze the details of financial records and financial issues.

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One of my goals as a divorce lawyer serving Fort Lauderdale is to get you through your case with as little extra distress as possible. Believe it or not, if a case is handled well, the parties can sometimes reach a settlement and actually walk away feeling a little better about each other, although there are cases where the latter is not possible or appropriate.

Call me at or use the contact form on the website, and we can discuss how I can help you.

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Fill out the contact form or call us at to schedule your initial consultation. Blumenthal Home.

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Whether you are filing for divorce or need assistance with a matter involving child custody or alimony, you can count on the professional service Attorney Williams will provide you with. Sorkin was admitted to the Florida bar in A court may grant legal custody to one parent sole legal custody or both parents joint legal custody. The information is intended to be accurate, but no guarantee is made as to its accuracy, completeness, or being up to date. She has experience dealing with people going through extreme conflicts In Scott J. Daniel was able to prove to court that I was been put in a unfair situation with being outside my house and not able to see my child.

Welcome to the website for the Law Offices of Steven E. Choosing an attorney is an important decision. I hope the information here is helpful for you. Divorce Some of the important issues in a divorce are alimony, property and debt division, time-sharing and parental responsibility i. Collaborative Divorce Collaborative Divorce is a structured process for settling your case outside of Court.

Co-Mediation In my opinion, in virtually all cases it is preferable to settle the case by negotiation, mediation, collaborative law, or a process called co-mediation. Mediation As a Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney, another a significant area of my practice is serving as a family law mediator. Uncontested Divorce The cheapest and quickest way to complete a divorce is if it is uncontested. Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements are documents for which it is often important to have the assistance of a Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney.

Paternity Cases As a Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer, another type of family law matter I handle are paternity cases. Modifications Modifications are post-judgment actions to change one of the results in the original divorce, paternity or other family law case — for example to modify the timesharing schedule or modify child support. Learn More.