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Tennessee Marriage Records

Make sure you have proof of your date of birth. Have your social security number available. This is another requirement for obtaining the marriage license.

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Gather important facts. Obtain a certified copy of your divorce decree.

If you're the prospective bride, and you had your name changed in a divorce, you should also have changed your name on your driver's license. Contact the county clerk's office where you plan to apply for the marriage license. Most, if not all, county clerk offices have a website.

Tennessee Marriage License and Blood Test Requirements

A listing of the counties and their contact information can be found at www. Complete a pre-application form online.

In order to save time, many county clerks provide an online form that allows you to submit much of the necessary application information in advance. Determine the fee.

Filing Tips for Tennessee Marriage Licenses

Look on the clerk's website, or call. Consider taking a 4 hour premarital preparation course. You'll need to get a Certificate of Completion when you finish the course. Call the county clerk to see when you can come in. They may also have this information online.

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Bring the fee and the necessary documentation with you. Check to make sure you have everything you need, before you leave home, including the Certificate of Completion for the premarital preparation course, if you took it. Under Tennessee law, both the bride and groom need to sign the application and swear to the truth of the information it contains.

If either applicant for the marriage license is 16 or 17 years old, his or her parents, guardian, next of kin, or person having custody has to join in the license application, under oath. They have to state that the applicant is 16 or over, and that the applicant has their consent to marry. There are no provisions for common law marriages in the state and those that wish to be married will have to follow the appropriate procedure to request a marriage licenses and have it solemnized.

What are the standards for a marriage ceremony to get a marriage certificate in Tennessee? Every marriage certificate in Tennessee must be certified through a marriage ceremony. The ceremony does not have to be traditional in any sense, but generally, there are three things that need to be present in the ceremony in order for a marriage certificate in TN to be issued.

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There must be a marriage license issued by the county, an individual authorized by state law solemnize perform marriages and most importantly, the license must still be valid at the time of the wedding. The procedure to be granted a marriage license can by simplified in some counties through an online process and application.

Tennessee Vital Records Agency Information

In other counties, you will need to make an appointment or visit the County Clerk to apply for the license. Some counties will only process identification at certain times, regardless of the hours they remain open.

Be aware of the fees and ensure that the license application is filled out properly before submitting it. A marriage certificate in TN will be issued only after the marriage is solemnized by one that is authorized to do so. Generally, out of state marriage certificates are accepted and this will include common law marriages, as long as the marriage is valid in the state that issued the certificate.

There are no common law marriage provisions in Tennessee, but common law marriages from out of state are viewed as official marriages if that couple chooses to move to Tennessee. A minor may be emancipated by court order, or by previous marriage see T.

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Must bring court documents at time of application for license The provisions allowing judges to waive the age restrictions have been repealed. Underage marriages can no longer be authorized by court order. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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Premarital Preparation Course.