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You have the right to demand where they got your number. But there's no strong desire to follow these cases up. If a call is placed using Skype, we can trace back the gateway number. We've built up a number of contacts at ISPs," he said. When asked how they could achieve such tracing, he would only reply that they have "streamlined unofficial channels".

The call unmasking service costs R per day, and R per week. To pay R per day or even R per week is absolutely outrageous!! I do not answer a call when it show Private Number or Withheld - and like Ockert said - it stops after a while. Why pay R per day or even R as you just ignore the people who do know your name but refuse that you know who is calling?!!

It's a shame that it is so expensive at this stage, but I think in the long run, if this works well enough and legal enough, it will be a kick in the teeth for the telemarketers. I personally seldom even answer my cell number if the number is not on my phone book.

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This must be the biggest scam! After being shunted from pillar to post, instructed of how to follow procedure of logging calls, the service provider legal department assured me they would deal with it. Since then the 'mystery' calls have miraculously stopped. This problem of masked call harassment is a service provider issue which is self-created by allowing users of the network to harrass other users in the name of business.

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This practice of 'legal harassment' should be stopped because by the service providers OWN terms of service it is a violation which ultimately they must deal with. As far as I am concerned, as a client paying for the CLI service I feel that this pre-paid fee should override calling number masking by default because this is a 2-way paid service - you do not pay to mask numbers!

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Calling someone from a private number is a popular strategy to avoid identification, getting someone on the phone who may not have. Tracing private number calls to a cellphone isn't impossible. You can still find out who is calling by waiting for them to receive an identifying.

My complaint to the unmasking company was as follows: How do we harrassed clients not know that these masked calls are being generated by your unmasking service in order to generate business? Fair is fair and I think service providers should rethink their lame strategies and do their paying customers the due service and privacy expected from them. People who are being harrassed should persist in their efforts with the customer service call center until they have satisfaction with the legal support department. This service is not designed for people to have the option of knowing who is calling before deciding to answer.

It is for those people that have been subjected to criminal telephonic harassment. And it works. I think this is excellent. R a week is not a lot to pay for your safety.

Private Callers: Find Out Who’s Calling

Police are not very willing to act on restraining orders or reports of harassment when you have no proof. I do think that by going public with this, they are putting their company in a vulnerable position. It's still great to know that this service is available to the public. Good article Duncan.

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I would think this knowledge and technology should be in possession of the authorities. And they should offer this service free of charge for any victims of this type of criminal activities. I would say that would be tax money well spent. You can always see with this version of the " check private number call " full name of the caller and you will make a limit for the inconvenience. You will get the ability to identify unknown callers and blocks unwanted calls. How to know an incoming private number.

How do I block ’Hidden numbers’? – Truecaller

Free and rich with a lot of advantage, Features of " Private Number Identifier " Secure and Private Messaging app providing private texting. Activate and Desactivate Reveal private numbers.

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Some phone providers offer this service for free, while others require a small monthly fee. People who are being harrassed should persist in their efforts with the customer service call center until they have satisfaction with the legal support department. KickerK - Good article Duncan. Those SIM Cards are usually reserved for special individuals, VIP persons, and, in general, everyone who is willing to pay a hefty price for a premium product. If this was a prank call - it's one of the best i have ever seen.

Setting ringing. For sound, you can select any language in the phone, or download high-quality voice.

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